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Fall 2020 Contest

Enter and Win!

The Grand Prize Winner of Our Songwriting Contest Will Receive:

  • $2,500
  • Custom Bluesman Vintage Guitar
  • Invitation to perform their song at an exclusive event at a premier historic Nashville location*
  • Additional $500 toward travel expenses if you live outside the Nashville area
  • Winners will be featured in the official Music City SongStar press release. Links to the songs will also appear on the Music City SongStar website and social media channels.
Fall 2020 Songwriting Contest
September 15, 2020 through March 20, 2021

The contest is open to all genres of music.

Entry fee: $30 per song

Foxhedge Music proudly presents the Music City SongStar awards, a songwriting competition open to songwriters worldwide.

The Fall 2020 songwriting contest begins September 15, 2020 and continues through March 20, 2020. Music City SongStar is open to all genres of music. The top two winners from both the Spring 2020 and the Fall 2020 Contests will have an opportunity to perform their original song at and exclusive event at a premier historic Nashville location*! The winning songwriter will be awarded $2,500 in cash. Additional prizes will be awarded to 25 semi-finalists.The contest is open to all genres of music.

* Location subject to change.


Why a songwriting contest?

Because we at Foxhedge Music know that sometimes you need a break. A chance. A shot. Submitting your song may not win you the music lottery, but your song will be heard. Guaranteed. It will be listened to all the way through, not cut off after the first chorus. It won’t be judged by your name, your reputation, your gender or your taste in shoes. The judges will not see any personal identifying information, only the song file and the lyrics. We want to level the playing field as much as we can.

And hey, it’s better than sitting on your couch in your pajamas, complaining about how hard it is to break in to the music business. It is hard. Everything worth doing is hard. So, why not try it? Why not give it a shot? Put your art out there. No one will laugh at you. And every time you put yourself out there, it gets a little bit easier. To quote Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” So work hard, keep showing up to write, to create, and do something every day toward achieving your dream. Put your best song forward and go for it. Who knows, your song could be a “Music City SongStar.”

What if I’m not a good singer?

Well, this contest is about the song, not the singer. However, we’re going to shoot straight with you. If the vocal is hard to hear or the singing by your great Aunt Edna is really off-key, it will be hard to hear the song. So why not find a singer who is sitting in his or her pajamas, complaining about how hard the music business is and partner up? The singer gets a chance to have a quality recording of his/her voice, and you get a quality performance of your song with a great singer. Be creative. Go for it. You can do it.

Why are there no genres?

We believe a good song is a good song is a good song. Period. So much of a song’s genre is dependent on how it is produced. However, some of the judging criteria will be based on a song’s commercial viability, so submit what song you think best fits that category.

Can I submit more than one song?

Yes, you can submit as many songs as you would like (one entry per song).