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How To Sell Your Song

How to Sell A Song

As all songwriters know, it’s not enough to just write a great song. You must know how to sell a song too. Learning how to market your music to music publishing companies can take your career to the next level.  You’ll need to team up with recording artists and gain exposure to make your song a success. It’s important to note that rarely does a songwriter actually sell a song but instead they sell the rights to the songs.

So how does an aspiring lyric writer make the leap to an established songwriter? While there’s no guaranteed path to stardom, there are several things you can do improve your odds.

Write a Compelling Song

Make sure that your song fits the genre and offers something unique in either the lyrics or the melody. For ideas, listen to the radio to see what is currently popular and then put your own twist on it to stand apart from the crowd. You will want to be different enough to catch the attention of the listener but still maintain the style of the artist. See helpful songwriting tips here.

Record a Demo

If you can sing it, great! If your voice is less than pitch perfect, find someone who can record your song for you. You’ll want a great recording of your song to pitch to music publishing companies as well as up-and-coming artists so that they can clearly envision how your song might work for them.

Copyright Your Songs

Avoid any confusion about who wrote a song first and be sure to copyright your music before you pitch it to artists or music publishing companies. Record a copy of your song and then visit the U.S. government’s copyright website to file an online copyright. Although the process takes about 4.5 months, it’s much quicker than the 15 months it takes to register by mail. After you answer a few questions about yourself and the song, you’ll pay a $35 fee, which is a small price to pay to guarantee the safety of your work. The fee covers up to an entire album of songs if you have more than one song ready to go. Finally, you’ll upload an electronic copy of your song and then wait for your application to be processed.

Seek Out New Artists

Everyone dreams of making music with a superstar but chances are that a big name will want to work with a more experienced songwriter with several lyrical hits under their belt. In order to reach that status, you can start by targeting up-and-coming artists with careers that are, hopefully, about to take off. These artists are often open to any song that could be a potential hit, regardless of who the songwriter is or how many successful songs they’ve written.

To increase your odds of connecting with a new artist, be sure to do your homework first. Research the artist and the type of music that they sing to customize your song to fit their style. Once you have a song that you think would be a perfect fit, seek out their contact info. You can try to contact them via social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. or you can search for an email address on their website. If you’re able to make contact with them, offer to send them a link to your song and cross your fingers that they see the same potential in it as you do. If you’re lucky, you may be able to team up to create a hit song together.

Reach the Superstars

If you’re convinced that your song would be absolutely perfect for a big-name music star, you can attempt to reach them via music publishing companies. Established artists generally have a team of music producers, managers and other people to help them find their next hit and you’ll have better luck connecting with one of these people rather than the star. You can seek the contact info for an artist’s music publishing team by attending songwriting conferences and workshops as well as searching and for an artist name or song title to discover who is behind the music. Once you have the contact’s email, you can write them to ask if they’d be interested in listening to the song. The majority of music publishing companies aren’t interested in unsolicited song requests so don’t send the link to the song until they agree to listen to it.

Connect with the Fans

It’s not always easy to track down the contact info for new artists or music publishing companies. If you find it difficult to reach the right people, try another approach, connect with other fans of the artist’s music. Join fan groups on social media and share a link to your song asking for feedback. As long as your song is similar to the music that the artist regularly records, you’ll potentially generate interest that may circle back to someone who could pass along your info to the right people.

More options

Submit you master piece, to one of numerous songwriting contests or competitions like ours, Music City SongStar. Our songwriting contest is open to songwriters worldwide. We encourage singer songwriters of all skill levels in all genres of music to submit their lyrics. Learn more at Music City SongStar.

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