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You Need to Promote Your Music –

Okay, let’s face it – nobody cares quite as much about your music career as you do.
Well, maybe your mom or dad. So, even though you are creating great music, it won’t get noticed unless you get it out there.
With the number of talented songwriters these days, it might seem impossible to get your songs heard. The good news is, it’s doable. You just have to learn some strategies on how to market yourself and your music.

When it comes to marketing yourself, one of the biggest blocks you might face as a singer-songwriter is insecurity, like maybe your songs, aren’t good enough or fear about sharing something so personal. We get it. Everyone feels insecure sometimes – you are not alone. If you can think of it as a chance to help others who don’t have the ability to put their emotions into songs, that will make it easier for you to be an advocate for your songs. One of the greatest rewards you can get as a songwriter is finding out that others connected with your message and your songs made their lives a little easier.

Know Your Brand

The biggest problem most people encounter when they start a marketing campaign is that they try to be too many things to too many people. Even if you have interests and skills in several genres, you will do better if you initially focus on your strongest assets. Once you have your audience, you can then show them your full range of talent. Some of the most popular artists started out in one genre and then diversified when they already had a large following.

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Get a Website

You should have an artist website that is dedicated to you and your songs. And yes, even if you’re “just a songwriter,” you should have one, too. How will artists find your songs? Making one is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can offer to send out a newsletter to anyone who provides an email and use a weekly newsletter to share advice or news. Give away a download or some other small prize. Write a blog and find interesting things to post on a regular basis. Don’t be scared – just do it. Help your tribe find you!

Social Media

The most popular social media platforms change over time, and you will have more success if you diversify. You can even share the same posts on multiple platforms, making it easy to get more coverage without creating more posts. You can create personal and group accounts at no cost, with a potential audience of millions. Post regularly, at least once a week, and join groups that share some of your own interests. Sharing posts from other artists you admire is a great way to get positive attention without taking attention away from your own work. If this stresses you out or causes you anxiety in thinking about what to post, think of it as “documenting what you’re up to” instead of “creating.”

Pair Off With a Rising Star

Is there someone in your area whose talents are still unnoticed, but who you believe has what it takes to be a star? Find out if that person or group would be willing to work with you so you could have a local showcase for your own work. One of the great advantages of working with a rising artist is that your songs will be even more marketable when presented by talented artists. You can show off what is essentially a completed product, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Get Out There

After a concert, meet the audience and thank them for coming. Sign autographs. Have a small give away like guitar pics or a headshot. Speak to people directly and build relationships with other music lovers. Personalize your interactions with people, instead of making it about yourself. Let your fans know that you want them to have a good time and that you wouldn’t be able to do what you do without them. If there is someone you want to work with or meet, call. You may have to step outside your comfort zone but meet people and follow them on their social media.


A songwriting contest isn’t just a means to an end; whether or not you win, you can use the songwriting competition as an opportunity to meet and learn about other songwriters. Even if the judges decide against giving you the top award, a contest is also a great way to get exposure for your music. Having a deadline also helps the kind of people who struggle with deadlines, because you know that you will be presenting your best possible product at the end.

You can market yourself at little to no expense, at least in the beginning. Many of the ways you can get exposure will also help you grow as an artist and make important contacts in the music community. Just remember to stay true to yourself and show people how much you have to offer.

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