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Songwriters: Tips for Creating a YouTube Channel

Why Should a Songwriter Create a YouTube Channel?

If you’re a songwriter or artist and you haven’t created your own YouTube channel yet, what’s stopping you? We know, it can be intimidating.  Maybe you think YouTube is just only for artists, but it’s not hard to create and having your own channel can really help you promote your music! When you have your own YouTube channel, you can be a part of a worldwide community of artists, music lovers, and entrepreneurs. You can share the music you like, interact with others who have similar passions, and even create your own content.

Best of all, it’s free, so you can save your money for other important expenses like recording new music, etc. Because your channel is solely under your control, you can control the image you are creating. Never before has having a strong social media presence been so important for independent artists and songwriters. Creating your own platform, even as a songwriter, is pretty much expected.

Create a YouTube AccountCreating an Account

Setting up an account and uploading your first video is easy. YouTube has a video and article which shows the process step by step. You will need to choose a Google username and add your contact information.

When you create a Brand Account, pick a name which fits your purposes, like your band name, writer alias or another name. Brand Accounts are still managed from your regular Google account. All you have to do to add a new account is sign-in, go to the channel list, and choose “Create a new channel.” Fill in the details, verify, and “Done,” you have a new channel. You can easily add other channel managers if you want help managing the account.


Upload a video to YouTubeUploading Your First Video

Uploading a video is just as easy as creating a channel. First, sign in, either from your mobile phone or laptop. Click the upload button at the top of the page.

Next, choose the Privacy settings. You can keep viewers at a minimum while you are experimenting, or share with everyone immediately. Choosing “Private” or “Unlisted” will limit the ability of others to view your content. You can also save a video in Google photos and upload it to your YouTube channel.

When you upload your video, you will have several options, such as description and whether you want to notify your subscribers that there is a new video. Add a title up to 100 characters so your viewers will be able to quickly identify the subject of your video.

Click “Publish” at the end to finish the process. If you are not sharing your video yet and have set it to one of the private settings, click “Done” at the end. You can also “Share” your new content with others once you have finished uploading it. Whatever decisions you make at that point, you can always change your mind later and alter the settings in your Video Manager.

Create a YouTube AccountMaking Your Personal YouTube Channel Work For You

You can use many of the same strategies you would use for other forms of social media to get the best results from your new channel. Post links to your other social media within the YouTube content, so you can get extra hits on your other platforms. Share artists, you like and let them share your work; this will help their fans connect with your work, and vice versa. You would be surprised how quickly your songs can be shared once they are presented in a new environment.

By creating and using a YouTube channel, you can get more traffic to your other sites, and gain more listeners for your music. Sharing original content will allow listeners to develop a personal connection with you and your music. Since it’s your own channel, you can be as creative as you want, and let people know what your message is. There are some ways you may even be able to use your channel to get extra revenue, although you might not want to do that right away.

Man hitting a Play button for a videoWhat Are You Waiting For?

As a singer-songwriter, you have a message that you want to share with as many people as possible. With a YouTube channel, you are in charge of your content and your brand. You won’t lose anything but time by starting your own channel. You might be surprised how empowering it feels. Plus, people will enjoy connecting with you through your music and music which inspires you. 

If you’re getting ready to enter a songwriting contest, you can use your videos to see how people respond to your new music. You can enter a songwriting competition with the confidence that comes with already knowing how much your work is appreciated. So here’s to you and your new YouTube channel!

For inspiration, here are some of our Favorite Songwriter YouTube Channels:


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